Pizza Stop Greece

The Pizza Stop has been serving Rochester it's original New York Pizza since 1986. A taste of New York City, right here at home.


The Pizza Stop opened the original location at 123 State Street in Downtown, in 1986 with one mission: to serve the same pizza in Rochester that the Staffieri family had served in their original Brooklyn pizza parlor. We were the first to offer the crisp, New York thin crust, stuffed and specialty pizzas in the Rochester area.

After 26 years of proudly serving the downtown area, we are so pleased to be able to offer the same high-quality, fresh, hot and delicious pizza to the residents of Greece. You can now get exactly the same pizzas as our downtown location. Eat in with us, take it home – or have us deliver those steaming hot specialty pizzas right to your door!

From the very beginning, we have been innovative by combining new flavors to come up with creative and delicious specialty pizzas. We use the highest quality ingredients, making our pizzas from scratch daily. Over the years we have done many things, but one thing will never change — our family will make the best tasting pizza that we’re proud to serve to your family.

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