Impress Your Special Someone

Impress your special someone this year!

Bring home The Pizza Stop ROC’s “Lover’s Special” and enjoy a quiet evening with the original New York pizza that we’ve been serving since 1986!

cropped-Lovers-Special_Site.jpgLover’s Special

“Her” Pie: Gourmet Spinach, Artichoke & Ricotta

Hand tossed on our fresh dough, topped with extra virgin olive oil, fresh spinach, seasoned artichokes and sweet Ricotta.
Baked to perfection, our original New York thin crust rises to be crispy and light.

“His” Pie: Gourmet Mega Meat

All the meat a man can ask for. Topped with pepperoni (get Cup & Char for a special treat), Italian sausage, meatballs and crunchy bacon, this pie gets cooked to perfection on our hot, stone decks. While still light and crispy, our crust is strong enough to support this Mega Meat.

Knots with Our Special Garlic Rosé Sauce

A limited-time treat, our original Garlic Parmesan Sauce gets taken to the next level with this secret family recipe.

All this for $27 – it’s a Valentine’s Treat You Can’t Beat!

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